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created by paula Lee is a owned project of Shizu project, azumaku project and Astro fair. This project is a furry series also known as touhou games inspired ore no animism created by rodori

What is doubutsu?[edit | edit source]

Doubutsu (動物) known as "animal" is a danmaku game inspired on ore no animism created by rodori. Early March 2020 is a new project revealed to doubutsu project trailer called "動物雪洞窟 ~ activities of blizzard cavern" on July 10 2020 was released!. In this special project. Doubutsu 13.5th is a new series called "珍しい黙示録 ~ respective apocalypse" is a zombie apocalypse game New type of zombie and bosses inspired on resident evil game Also a main character named Jerry Markus after turn into a zombie appearance to doubutsu 14th

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